Our Accommodation

At Cap'N Bob's we offer three different types of accommodation:

Double/Twin & Single

Our Double rooms provide a spacious double bed with a shared bathroom and kitchen available. The twin rooms come with two separate beds and a separate single bed available.

Dorm Rooms

We have two 6 bed dorms and a 4 bed dorm available. The 6 bed dorms are comfortable bunks which are kept clean and tidy, which are perfect for backpackers who are happy to share with others. The 4 bed dorm consists of two separate beds and a bunk bed. Kitchen and bathrooms are shared amongst the other guests.

Self-Contained Studio

The self-contained studio provides guests a chance to have their own space within the hostel. It comes complete with its own kitchen, en-suite and TV. Perfect for those guests that want all the social benefits of a hostel, but their own private space as well.


There is a full kitchen, TV room, dining room and lounge available to all our guests to use throughout their stay.